Frank Miller

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Frank Miller
June 26, 1945 – January 5, 2019

Frank John Miller passed away on Saturday, January 5, 2019 in Oakland, California at the age of 73, after battling cancer. Born in Oakland, Frank was the son of Edward and Bernice Miller and the oldest of three children.

A mechanic from a young age, Frank loved working on machines with friends and family. After serving in the Army, he began a long career as a diesel mechanic/foreman. Frank will be remembered most for his dedication to his family and his love of the ocean, diving, fishing, and dancing. Frank was always willing to lend a helping hand and you could count on him to show up with fresh fish for any occasion. As the Captain of the “Fury,” a sport fishing charter boat, Frank taught family, friends, and clients how to fish with passion and professionalism. He was also a long time resident of the Point San Pablo Harbor, where he will be greatly missed.

Frank is survived by his daughters Danielle and Brooke and seven grandchildren Leilani, Trinity, Makenna, Devon, Isaac, Noah and Naomi, as well as his two sisters, Toni and Mary Ann.

Farewell Frank – You will always be with us, especially when we feel the wind or the waves. Fair seas, dear Frank.

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7 thoughts on “Frank Miller”

  1. So sorry to hear of the passing of Captain Frank. The Fury was one of the first boats Steve & I went fishing on together. Frank was a great teacher to someone who was a novice ocean fisherman. I thoroughly enjoyed planning our gourmet lunches for Frank but had to remember to always bring the bleu cheese and chocolate chip cookies! There are too many memories and not enough space to list them all. The Captain has sailed without us and will always be loved and missed. Tight lines.

    Steve & Jeanette Graham.

  2. Frank was my friend and a neighbour for the last 18+ years. He was a master mechanic, a man of honour and deep integrity. An amazing smile when he would let it show and a real community contributor. We both Isuzu Diesels for a while and he was a great resource as the master diesel mechanic he was. A true troubleshooter in mechanics and would not let any mechanical issue get the best of him! The marina seems empty without you Frank. You are very missed.

  3. I met Frank about 20 some years ago, at the marine supply store I manage. Our friendship grew over the years and he became part of my family, he knew both my daughters and came to their graduation celebration. Some of my best memories were helping him with the Fury, painting,cleaning, whatever he needed and one of the best fish finding captains out there. Many a weekend you could find me fishing with Frank. You are missed sir and thanks for being part of my families live….

  4. Frank was a safe person to be around even though he was grumpy most of the time about the screwed up stuff that the maniacs in Washington were doing to mess up his beloved oceans and rivers. He watched way too much of it but he needed something to keep his big old brain busy I think. He was smart.

    Some cultures begin memorials with people getting up and expressing their anger at the person who passed. Then they party. I like this tradition and will tell you I am pissed at Frank for two reasons: one is that he died. Two, is that he never went out dancing with me. I begged him dozens of times. I did get him to dance with me a few times at club parties. He was so good, so light on his feet.

    My mom came to visit me just to go to a crab feed that Frank put on. If you were there or you probably don’t remember her because coming from Idaho having all the crab she could eat put her in a trance. Frank noticed this and gave her the leftover crab, probably 10 pounds or more, to take back with her to Idaho. She was in heaven for the next couple weeks. How can you not love him for that.

    I miss you Frank. I miss seeing your Fury out my window cruising out into the bay a few times a week. I miss seeing you at the fish station, your clients all hovering around you listening to your fun stories. I miss seeing you walk up and down dock 3 carrying buckets of stuff and I miss seeing you outside your storage container fixing your cars. I miss your voice and eyes and your strong hands. I was so lucky hold your hands the last couple weeks of your life and teased you about finally being able to get you to bed.I miss that twinkle in your eye and your humanity. I feel so lucky to have known you. You are alive in my heart and the heart of so many others. Asta luego amigo. Zeva

  5. My man Frank aka Dad what can I say.
    It’s weird running to fish SP Bay and not hearing that booming voice on the radio.
    A retired Warden told me a story of boarding the Fury for a check on one of his all Ladies charter.
    He said as they approached the boat, Frank said “ready ladies” and they all mooned the Warden’s.

  6. Johnny Mello, 2-8-19

    I met Frank 69 years ago, when he was just 4 and I was but 7. We both lived on 92nd Avenue in Oakland, CA, and quickly became neighborhood friends. We spent a lot of time together, and when he was 9 and I was 12, my Dad took us to Santa Cruz. That was the day my Dad taught Frank how to swim in the salt water pool! Growing up with Frank as my friend was always fun and when we could drive, we loved to spend time at Martin’s Beach in Half Moon Bay where we would …. what else? FISH! Frank’s birthday was 6/26 and mine is 10/26. We never forgot to call each other on those dates. I will miss calling him this year. Frank ~ you were my friend ~ my best friend. I love you and I miss you, big guy.

  7. I finally got my wife to go fishing on the bay with me about 18 years ago it just happened to be the fury we met frank I got her to go on 2 different boats soon after that and she told me no more she wasn’t going on any more boats but the fury so every year several times we would be on the fury listening to franks storys and catching fish he loved it when I would tell him I still cant get her on anybody else boat we will sure miss you

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